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Charliene Abori


Meet Our LLM Students: Abrori Charliene

April 4, 2019 | Students

Name: Abrori Charliene

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Legal interests: International law, alternative dispute resolution

Graduation year: 2019

Education: Fakultas Hukum Universitas Gadjah Mada, DI Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Describe your career before you came to Moritz.

My legal interests are in international law. When I did my undergraduate [Sarjana Hukum, LLB], I did an international law concentration. Right now, I’m doing a lot of alternative dispute resolution instead of international law, but I basically am combining both.

I graduated with my faculty of law degree and then directly applied to the LLM program. During the period of the application process, I did some internship work with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and with some non-governmental organizations back home.

What inspired you to earn your LLM degree?

I want to pursue a career in international organizations like the UN, Amnesty International or anything related to human rights and international law.

Why did you choose Ohio State?

I had also applied to the University of Virginia [to study] law of the sea, which I got accepted to as well. I applied to Ohio State because it’s top-ranked in ADR. I understand international law already, so to have the skills of negotiation and mediation will be useful as well. I started to rearrange everything and reconsider the skills I wanted to pursue because I already had studied international law anyway for my undergrad. I thought, ‘OK let’s take the challenge, let’s go to Ohio State.’

What do you like about the LLM program here?

I believe the LLM program here is really accommodative. For example, when I got my first [acceptance] response from Ohio State, they were really accommodating to me, they treated me as a friend. Throughout the last semester, it’s been very international-friendly. I don’t feel a lot of difference from the JDs. Even the professors, they know we’re international students, but they don’t treat us like one.

Do you have a favorite class or professor?

I took two or three classes that have some of the same characteristics as back home, but everything is new. With Professor John Quigley, I took an international law seminar. I like him because he’s really smart and he’s a type of international law professor that I’ve never seen before. It really amazed me.

I was surprised that international students could take externships. Right now, I’m placed with the Legal Aid Society under their housing team. I did take some internships outside my country before, but being in the United States is completely, completely different. At first it was really hard for me because everything is really new for me, in a professional sense. But I started to learn that they [my colleagues] are really accommodating and they don’t differentiate between me because I’m an international student.

It is very fortunate for me that I am able to take the mediation clinic here. First of all, I did not expect that the clinic would allow me to go to ‘real-life’ mediations to practice my skills. I did not expect that we as students would have the opportunity to go to court, help real parties in dispute, and be the court-appointed mediator. I learned a lot of skills throughout the course. It also made me realize how fast the development of ADR is here in the U.S.

What are some of your favorite things about/to do around Columbus?

From a student’s perspective, I love it so much. I went to Washington, D.C. for winter break and when I walked around there, I felt a difference even though it is very diverse there. People in Columbus are really nice. I never feel unsafe or anything when I’m in Columbus. I really like to go to the international markets here.