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Meet Meg Burrell, New Editor-in-Chief of the Ohio State Law Journal

June 17, 2020 | Students

 Hometown: Bluffton, Ohio

Legal interests: Litigation

Education: Bowling Green State University, Political Science (Bachelor’s Degree)

Why the initial interest in political science in undergrad?

I always loved reading and writing and research, so I originally thought about being a teacher, but I honestly wanted to stay in school longer. I was looking at what would combine those interests and I thought being a life-long lawyer would be a great career.

So, law school was always on your radar?

Yes, for sure. During my time at Bowling Green I completed internships at the (BGSU) student legal service office and the local prosecutor’s office in Wood County, and then here in Columbus at the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. That sealed the deal for me that law school was the right move.

Why Moritz?

I wanted to stay close to my family during the time I was in law school. I also wanted an education that could take me anywhere and that was definitely Moritz. This summer, I was supposed to work in Chicago for a firm and will probably be working from home (due to COVID-19), but Moritz is the best of both worlds, getting to stay in Ohio but take me anywhere.

Why did you want to pursue the EIC position?

I absolutely love being on the (Ohio State Law) Journal and I learned so much. I knew I wanted to continue to be a big part of that. The articles process is fascinating, and I knew that was something I wanted to get to get my hands on and be more involved in. Being the EIC made sense for staying involved and continuing to improve the journal.

What do you feel you bring individually to the journal?

Most importantly, I am a good communicator. I am really looking forward to getting to work with all of the 2L’s that will be joining the journal. They are going to be joining in a really interesting time. It is going to be challenging for all of us next year dealing with our schedules, (due to COVID-19). I think it will be a good year to work with them because I will be able to find a way to make the journal work for them so that we can get a great product out and provide a great experience.

What is your ideal next step after graduation?

I see myself in a litigation-based job. I am working for a firm this summer and I am optimistic about what my experience there will be like. I am also looking into clerking and just finding the right fit.