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Meet Mayu Nakano, New Editor-in-Chief of Ohio State Business Law Journal

June 10, 2020 | Students

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Legal Interest: Transactional Law

Education: Miami University, English Language and Literature (Bachelor’s Degree)

What sparked your initial interest in attending law school?
Like a lot of people, I came to law school because I wanted to help people and bridge differences. I grew up in Japan for a little bit and then came to the U.S so I know the struggle of managing these differences. Law seemed like a good field to be in.

Why Moritz?
I picked Moritz because I like Ohio and saw myself being here and making a career for myself. I was born in Japan and grew up there for a little bit and even lived in New Hampshire for a couple of years, but Ohio was the first place where I felt like I was home. I spent most of my life in the suburbs of Cincinnati and went to Miami University for undergrad, so I definitely developed an attachment to Ohio.

I had my heart set that on being in a bigger city for grad/professional school though, after being in the suburbs and in the rural area in college. I wanted to stay in Ohio for a long term. When I was accepted to Moritz for law school, it seemed like the most natural fit to me.

Why did you want to pursue the EIC position?
I was a creative writing major in undergrad and have publication experience as a writer for an undergraduate magazine as well as an author in a literary magazine. As a writer, I know the emotional aspect—the anxiety of getting selected, the stress of communicating with the editors, the feedback, all combined with the desire of publishing the best work that they possibly can as an author—all too well. I want our journal to continue being a journal that is efficient and that prioritizes the authors. As they go through the publication process with us, it is my goal to ensure that the authors have a good experience with our staff and to be able to publish a work that they are proud of and that contributes to the business law academia. I also really wanted the writing and the publication to be a part of my law school experience.

In addition to that, I saw the EIC opportunity to expand the scope of this journal a little bit more. Business is an important aspect of all of our lives and it’s something that affects our lives, and consequently, we all have something to say about. I want to use this opportunity to broaden the scope and encourage people to facilitate conversation and offer their own unique perspectives.

What do you bring individually to the journal as an EIC?
I think another strength would be that I am organized and hardworking. I usually try to get things done earlier in time to allow for more time to adjust to any potential changes/issues that we might encounter. I also have a running list of things to do for the day or for the week to keep things in check.

Another one of my strengths is that I like to keep people posted on what is going on. I try to send at least one email every couple of weeks to keep the members updated and aware. One of my goals as an EIC is to get the staff editors involved a little more. I think this will be a good way to keep people invested in the journal.

What is your ideal next step after graduation?
Ideally, I want to work for a firm in the transactional area. I really like the business aspect and I hope to do more of that after graduation.