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Meet Luke Shaffer, EIC Elect, Ohio State Business Law Journal

April 5, 2019 | Students

Hometown: Bryan, Ohio

Law Interests: Business Law

Education: Miami University, Ohio, Accounting (Bachelor’s)

What led you to Moritz?

I bounced around majors at the business school [in undergrad], always knowing I wanted to be in business but not entirely sure where I wanted to go. I got into some business law classes and things just clicked for me once I was in those classes.

I have been a Buckeye for life basically, growing up in Ohio. Ohio State was one of the two schools I was considering for undergrad. It’s the flagship university of the state, so from the outset, it was the dream school.

What made you want to become EIC of the Ohio State Business Law Journal?

I felt it was an excellent opportunity to challenge myself with a leadership position and to grow as a leader. Also, an opportunity to develop relationships with my classmates and to take a community and organization and move it forward. I wanted to put a lot of time and effort into something that would allow me to showcase my abilities and put a good foot forward for the university and the journal community as a whole.

How has the tight-knit journal community already made an impact on you?

Another thing that attracted me to the EIC position was the ability to build those relationships with other students and to work together towards the same goal. The journal community as a whole has been great. Amongst the journals, I have had contact with the other EICs and have friends on other journals. We are trying to work towards a collaborative and open community, not only within the business journal, but all the journals at Moritz.

Other than leadership, what other strengths do you have as the EIC?

The ability to understand and empathize with a variety of people. I think I am pretty good at putting myself in other people’s shoes. That allows me to build relationships and communicate effectively with a really diverse group of people. Being able to help people understand each other and get on the same page and develop a common goal, I think that is one of the strengths I will definitely bring to the journal.

How will you go about making your individual mark on the Ohio State Business Law Journal?

The first order of business is bringing the group together. At times, the organizations can feel disjointed if you don’t have meetings on a regular basis. I have been putting a large emphasis on making sure the members of the journal get to know each other very well. I want to develop that sense of community that we talked about. This is a group of colleagues who are working together to produce an academic product, but also a group of friends who enjoy being around each other and work well together.

What is your next step after Moritz?

I know I want business to be a part of my practice in some way. That has been the main stream in what I have been doing in law school and undergrad. I have been interested in real estate law, so that is something I am going to try and explore moving forward and see if transactions and real estate is something that I potentially have a future in. I have worked with corporations [Abercrombie and Fitch] and real estate companies [Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority], and then the potential of a firm is definitely on my radar if that opportunity were to present itself.


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