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Meet Kaela King, Ohio State Law Journal Editor-in-Chief Elect

February 27, 2019 | Students

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Legal Interests: Litigation, Labor and Employment

Education: The Ohio State University, English and Philosophy (Bachelor’s), Pace University, Secondary Education and Teaching (Master’s).

What made you want to come back to school after a 10-year professional career?

I joined Teach for America after undergrad. I really loved working with the students I served and found that teaching and education aligned with a lot of my beliefs about social justice and leveling the playing field. I had a number of different roles within public education, and that led me to do some policy work for the state at the Ohio Department of Education. While I was there, I noticed there were not a lot of people making decisions who had the perspective of serving low-income students and families. Even well-intentioned people were making decisions that didn’t necessarily accommodate that population. What originally motivated me to come to law school was to have the tools I needed to do education policy work and to influence decision making using that past perspective I had.

I have realized that I really love the law in a more general sense. I think my very long-term goal is to still do that kind of work, but I am seeing a lot of areas of interest and opportunity.

Why did you want to pursue the EIC position for OSLJ?

I was an English major in undergrad, I was an English teacher, and I loved reading and writing. I also studied philosophy in undergrad, and I loved logic classes–the more systematic ways of thinking. I think this combines all of that together.

Being on the law journal has already been my favorite experience in law school. I am so impressed with the people that comprise OSLJ. It is a great group of incredibly talented, hardworking, smart people. Our class is extremely dedicated and excited about pushing the journal forward into next year.

I directed a non-profit for a couple of years between teaching and working at the state, and I have always felt that that job was the best fit for my particular strengths. I see this role as having a lot of overlap with that past position. Really at the end of the day, it was a desire to serve OSLJ and Ohio State at large. I went here for undergrad and law school, and in both situations the support that I have received from the university has enabled me to get an education that wouldn’t have been available to me otherwise. That has been really meaningful to me on so many levels. I love Ohio State.

What do you plan on bringing individually to OSLJ as a whole?

I have identified a few areas that I think we can tweak in our internal processes to make better use of student time and a more efficient editing process. Also, something I am excited about is seeing our online presence develop. It’s there and we are publishing work there, but I think we can really create some infrastructure with the online journal so that we can publish more frequently and we can have a more robust presence virtually.

Is there a sense of comradery that comes with working for OSLJ?

Yeah, absolutely. The managing board this year has done such a good job fostering a really supportive and collaborative culture. Coming in as a 2L, I knew the people in my section really well, but I didn’t know a lot of the other people in my class on this more intimate level. There’s no one on journal that wouldn’t help someone else.

What would your next step be after Moritz?

I would really like to clerk. Last semester, I externed for Judge Michael H. Watson at the U.S. District Court downtown and it was such an incredible experience. I honestly wasn’t sure about clerking before I had the opportunity to work in his chambers, but it put together a lot of the things that I love about legal writing and law school. I learned so much by working with the clerks in that office and also with the judge.


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