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Meet Chase Dean, New Editor-in-Chief for Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

June 3, 2020 | Students

Hometown: Riverside, California

Legal Interests: Labor and Unemployment

Education: California Polytech, Political Science (Bachelor’s Degree)

When did you decide law school might be an option?

I decided on law school at the end of my junior year of undergrad. It had been in the back of my mind for a while. I knew I wanted to go to graduate school of some kind and I ended up settling on law school just because I felt like this was a field that checked all of my boxes as far as being able to make a difference.

Why Moritz?

I am a first-generation college and law student. I didn’t really have a lot of guidance in where to apply and what to apply for. It was actually my dad that told me to check out Ohio State. I saw how well-regarded it is and the faculty that is there. During one of my spring breaks of undergrad, I took a trip out to Ohio and took a tour. I just fell in love with it. Everyone is great and it was a place that really supported their students.

What has been your impression of Moritz and Columbus?

I love it. My undergrad  school was in a smaller town in central California. I knew wherever I went to law school, I wanted to go somewhere a little bigger. Having now lived here, I love the community. It is definitely one of my favorite cities and the more I stay, the more I fall in love with it.

What made you want to pursue the EIC position?

First, working on the journal has been one of my favorite experiences of law school. The entire process has been incredibly enriching both personally and professionally. On top of that, as a first-generation law student, I felt that I was lucky enough to have this experience and have the (student) leadership I had guiding me. So, it is really important to me that whoever comes next year as staff editor has that same experience or even improved.

Being a first-generation law student and knowing what that experience is and knowing what it takes, I decided to run for EIC so that I could transfer those experiences to everyone and also maintain the stature of the journal.”

What do you bring individually to the journal?

I am understanding of what people are going through in law school in terms of busy schedules and things like that. I am able to make sure that whatever work we are doing doesn’t become a burden for people. I also think that I connect well with others which helps because then I can understand what a certain person is capable of and how I can be an effective leader and motivator. I also did a little bit of research with professors in undergrad so I have a little experience being able to identify scholarly work that is worthy of publication.

What is your ideal next step after graduation?

I’d like to return to California and practice in the area of labor and unemployment. Hopefully, working for a union. I think the labor movement is something that is incredibly important, and I also feel it is something that is going to become more popular. It’s also an area I can merge my experience with ADR and litigation.