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Meet Amy Pratt, New Editor-in-Chief for Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

May 27, 2020 | Students

Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio

Legal Interests: Public defense

Education: West Virginia University, Journalism, (Bachelor’s Degree)

Was law school initially on your radar?

It was not at all on my radar. It was a surprise to me. My freshman year of undergrad I took a law and legal studies class. It was an intro to the American legal system. We had to read a book for the class called, May God Have Mercy. It was a story about a guy who was wrongly convicted of murdering his sister-in-law and then executed for it. It was written by a journalist who followed the story. That got me interested in the criminal legal system.

I then got an internship at the West Virginia Innocence Project at the WVU College of Law. I loved the work there so much, I decided I’d go to law school.

Why did you decide on Moritz?

I wanted to come back to Ohio to be closer to family. As much as I loved West Virginia, I missed my family. So, Moritz was good geographically. I also just really liked the atmosphere on admitted student’s day and Moritz has several law journals.

What made you want to pursue the EIC position of the journal?

Journalism was a large part of it. I worked for newspapers for almost all of undergrad and I missed the publication aspect of that. Obviously, a law review and a newspaper are very different, but the same concepts are there.

I also really enjoyed my 2L year, reading all the submissions and editing it and learning about what is happening in real-time in the criminal academic world. I just wanted to help play a bigger role and being the EIC was the next logical step.

What do you feel you bring individually to the journal?

I know a lot about how the publishing process works and the importance of deadlines and timelines. I think my journalism degree specifically has been really helpful. I came to law school to pursue a career in criminal law. This has become my passion. I think having that dedication will help us get through any rough patches.

What is your ideal next step after graduation?

I am hoping to be a public defender after graduation. I have been working at the Office of the Ohio Public Defender for the last year now. If not specifically at the Ohio Public Defender, then I would like to be somewhere in Ohio doing public defense and working to give a voice to the people who are entangled in the criminal justice system.