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Leadership Program Thriving in Fourth Year

December 2, 2010 | Students

The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law is distinctive among the country’s leading law schools for many reasons and in many different ways. One of those is our commitment to leadership development. At Moritz, we are deeply committed to teaching students how to be outstanding lawyers, while also seeking to instill the values of public service and leadership. In 2007, we started the Program on Law and Leadership to formalize our efforts in this area. Today, more than one-third of the student body is actively engaged in our programming.

Through the program, we bring leadership experts and practitioners from all walks of life to discuss issues that lawyer-leaders at all levels should consider as they develop leadership capabilities to use throughout their careers. A few examples so far this year include students dining with a lawyer turned state insurance commissioner, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, and a lawyer turned judge turned nonprofit executive.

We know that good leaders are not made overnight. Our program is designed to provide law students with a basic understanding of leadership frameworks, a language to talk about explicit and implicit leadership challenges, and a basis to acquire the self-knowledge critical for leadership success. Moritz offers elective courses on leadership competencies and activities, including Lawyers as Leaders, Negotiation, the Legislation Clinic, and more. In addition, students may also take a series of workshops to practice leadership behaviors and discover individual leadership strengths.

After last month’s election we saw a number of Moritz alumni elected to public office, most notably Brian Sandoval ’89, the governor-elect of Nevada. Perhaps less visible, but nonetheless exciting as well, we also saw two recent graduates elected to the Ohio House of Representatives: Kathleen Clyde ’08 and Michael Stinziano ’07. Both Kathleen and Michael participated in the College’s Legislation Clinic as law students. While government service is just one way to exercise leadership, these newly elected public officials serve as further reminders of the many Moritz graduates who are making an important impact in their organizations and communities every day.

I invite you to learn more about what we are doing in the Program on Law and Leadership by visiting our brand new web site at In particular, be sure to check out the publications section of the web site to download a copy of our new retrospective report describing the first three years of the program. Our efforts to develop and motivate the next generation of exceptional lawyer-leaders begins here. This is leadership.

Garry W. Jenkins
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Associate Professor of Law
Co-Director, Program on Law and Leadership