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Froliklong new editor of OSLJ

March 7, 2014 | Students

Jackson Froliklong ’15 was recently named the new editor-in-chief of the Ohio State Law Journal.  We asked him 10 questions about the journal, his background, and the meaning of life (well, not really, but we did discover he is the former social chair of the Fleetwood Mac Appreciation Society. True story.)

10 Questions with Jackson Froliklong
2014-15 Editor-in-Chief, Ohio State Law Journal

Cleveland, Ohio.

What makes OSLJ great:
The collaborative environment coupled with the staff’s relentless pursuit of excellence makes OSLJ a great organization.

Goals for OSLJ in the coming year:
Aside from continuing to publish a top-notch print journal, OSLJ  will strive to grow our online supplement, Furthermore, this coming year. In Furthermore, we will publish response pieces to articles in our print edition in order to foster meaningful dialogues. Additionally, we aim to roll out a U.S. Sixth Circuit review that will provide analysis to courts, scholars, and practitioners regarding the most important cases in the U.S. Sixth Circuit.

Before attending law school…
I taught fourth grade in the Chicago Public Schools for two years and then spent a year farming and backpacking in Central and South America. Also, before attending law school, I never realized pickles started as cucumbers. I don’t know where I thought pickles came from, but I certainly never traced them to their cucumber origin.

Future career plans:
I will be a summer associate with Sullivan & Cromwell in New York City this summer. Also, despite being cut from my ninth grade team, I am still open to playing professional basketball.

Favorite law class and why:
Constitutional Litigation. After taking Constitutional Litigation, I believe I could litigate a § 1983 claim from start to finish. For this reason, I found the class to be particularly empowering.

All Moritz students should make sure they…
…find something to laugh about each day. Law school is challenging, and it is important to retain optimism and a sense of possibility. I find laughter provides both.
My classmates are…
…brilliant, motivated, and kind. My classmates add so much value to the Moritz experience.

My advice for incoming students and 1Ls…
…even if it doesn’t always feel this way, law school is a gift. Three years to devote to self-improvement is a rare opportunity, and we are lucky to have it.

With two weeks off and $5K in my pocket, I’d…
Go to Bolivia and stretch that $5k in to two years of hiking, camping, and impromptu yoga sessions in hostels.

My music library…
As an undergrad, I was the social chair for the Fleetwood Mac Appreciation Society. Let me know if you’d ever like to watch a Fleetwood concert DVD. I’ll make time.