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Christopher Hawthorne


3L pursues law degree to help artists in the music industry

August 16, 2017 | Students

For 3L Christopher Hawthorne, law is a family affair. His father, uncle, aunt, and grandfather are all attorneys. They were instrumental, Hawthorne said, in encouraging him to earn a J.D. so that he could pursue his dreams of managing and representing artists in the music industry.

Hawthorne applied to other law schools, but honed in on The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law for a few key reasons. He has been aware of Ohio State’s internationally renowned reputation ever since he was an undergraduate English major at Morehouse College in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

“The Ohio State brand is incredibly strong. I wanted to go to a school that was strong in academics, so Ohio State was a no-brainer,” Hawthorne said. “When I came up for admitted student day, I believe in May of 2014, I met some of the faculty and the administration and even some of my fellow prospective students. Everybody was extremely personable and welcoming and I could tell that they would provide a great support system to be able to transition through law school successfully.”

Growing up in Atlanta, Hawthorne was saturated in music. His love for the arts developed at an early age, in part because his father, an attorney, practiced entertainment law in the 1990s. Hawthorne’s friends back home in Atlanta—many of whom work in music or other creative fields— also inspired him to work in the music industry. When he graduates, he hopes to better protect artists by handling business transactions, negotiating publishing deals, and by advising any potential business or career opportunities for his clients. Right now, his eyes are set on New York City, Los Angeles, or Atlanta—all major hubs for the music industry.

Moritz’s diverse set of course offerings prepared Hawthorne well for the role. He has taken a handful of intellectual property classes throughout his law school career, including an introductory course as well as classes on copyrights and trademarks. Other courses on criminal law and evidence also set a strong foundation for his summer internship at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Hawthorne is also an active member of the Moritz community. He serves as a chief managing editor of the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law and is a former president of the Black Law Students Association as well as a former instructor at the Law and Leadership Institute.

Originally published on 02/06/17.