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2L’s photography to be exhibited in upcoming installation at Columbus Museum of Art

February 2, 2015 | Students

While some use the social media app Instagram to share images of today’s lunch or candid shots of their friends, others are using the service to share artistic, compelling content documenting the world and cities around them.

2L Scott Surovjak (@surovjak on Instagram) is among that latter group, using his account to post imaginative photographs of the nature, history, and people from the places he visits. And his followers aren’t the only ones who have noticed his work.

On Feb. 6 a new exhibit will open at the Columbus Museum of Art, in partnership with the #JJ Instagram Community, entitled #MobilePhotoNow. The collection features the work of 240 mobile photographers from 40 different countries around the globe. Two of Surovjak’s photos will be on display.

“This is an exhibit that the museum started a few years ago as a way to feature mobile photographers and it is all thanks to Instagram. The museum held competitions through Instagram for people to submit photos. More than 45,000 images were submitted from 89 countries and two of mine were selected for the 300-image exhibit,” he said.

The two contests Surovjak submitted his photos to were themed “community” and “portraits.” For “community” he included a fish-eye photo of an Ohio State University football game taken at night from the north end zone of Ohio Stadium.

His “portrait” submission was a shot of an old family photograph of his grandmother who passed away in 2013.

“The second shot, which I’m really happy about, is a portrait of my grandmother,” he said. “I was home a couple of years ago going through some old photographs when I found a photo of my grandmother at age 15. It had a lot of really neat wear on it and you can tell that it is a photo that had a good life. My family is going to come down and see our grandmother in the museum.”

Surovjak first became interested in photography in undergraduate school after he took a photography class. When his parents presented him with a camera as a graduation gift, his passion for the medium took off.

“Instagram has really changed amateur photography because magazines and museums have begun placing value on it. That’s the reason I’m able to be in the museum, and I’ve been featured in a couple of magazines both here in Columbus and across the county,” he said.

Although the responsibilities of law school have somewhat kept him from getting out to do more photography, Surovjak said he’s been able to strike a balance, taking photos when he can and meeting up with other local Instagrammers to go shoot new locations and sceneries.

“On Facebook you’re friends with the people you know, but Instagram is a great opportunity to meet new people. There are a lot of people in the Columbus Instagram community who get together and go to different places just to shoot. I’ve made some great friends this way and it is how I really try to keep up with photography,” he explained.

Although others suggest he pursue a career that incorporates both art and law, Surovjak said for now he’s open to the possibilities of wherever his law degree might take him.

“I worked five years before coming to law school and had really great interactions with attorneys. I realized a J.D. is a very powerful and versatile degree. That’s why I decided to go to law school. At this point, I’m just wide open and trying to be a sponge and learn as much as I can,” he said.

The #MobilePhotoNow exhibit will run Feb. 6 through March 22 at the Columbus Museum of Art. For more information about the installment visit

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