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2L hoping to leverage language skills in legal practice

June 3, 2013 | Students

For 2L Iris Jin, law school was always part of the plan.

During her time as an undergraduate majoring in political science and minoring in economics at Miami University of Ohio, Jin took classes to get ready for the tough courses and intense work during law school.

“Political science helped me write and be more analytical and prepare myself for law school,” she said. “I think economics taught me how to be more rational in my thinking.”

Her love for economics led her to pursue a focus in corporate law.

“I’ve always had a business focus, but as the job search is getting closer, I’m now open to other things,” said the 2L at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

Her studies abroad have allowed her to expand her interests to international law as well. She hopes to pursue a law career that will allow her to use her international travel experience.

Jin studied at Oxford University in England and Yonsei University in Korea during her undergraduate education. Yonsei University is considered to be one of the top three universities in Korea, Jin said. During her time there she studied Korean.

“I’m Korean. My parents are from Korea originally — South Korea. So I go back there, I have family there,” she said.

Jin also speaks Spanish. “I would do Mexico mission trips when I was younger, so I was able to converse with kids so I was actually better at Spanish than Korean for a while, but then it switched over,” Jin said.

Jin also has traveled to Greece and Italy.

Jin is the first woman in her family to attend a professional school. She described most women in her family as mothers and homemakers.

“My parents have been very focused — they want me to get an education, they want me to be a professional. And since I preferred reading and writing and analyzing as opposed to science, I figured law school would be better for me,” she said.

Her journey through law school has given her the opportunity to meet influential faculty and do research with Professor Steven Davidoff.

Joshua Dressler was the best professor I’ve ever had. I had him for Criminal Law my first semester, and he was great,” she said.

Jin also likes the people she’s met during her time at Moritz.

“I enjoy just being around people with a certain level of intelligence and people who you can relate to, who have the same goals. It’s nice to be able to study with them and things like that,” she said.

Based on her experiences, law school seems to have been the right plan for Jin.

This article was written by T.K. Brady.