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Professor Ric Simmons quoted in multiple outlets discussing Derek Chauvin verdict

April 21, 2021 | Media News

An expert in the area of criminal law and procedure, Professor Ric Simmons was recently quoted in a number of articles discussing the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial, including pieces by Politifact and The Conversation.

“The vast majority of Americans had made up their mind about Chauvin’s guilt immediately after seeing the infamous videotape,” Simmons told Politifact. “But the legal process required a very different, more deliberative process.”

Research shows that even if officers see a fellow officer mistreating a suspect and want to intervene, they need training to teach them how to do so effectively,” Simmons wrote to The Conversation. “The city of New Orleans is now training officers to intervene. Once training is in place, police departments could also make intervention in such situations mandatory.

“When some officers stand by as other officers ignore their training, the consequences can be dangerous – and potentially lethal – for civilians.”