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Professor Ric Simmons quoted in ABC6 article concerning shooting at St. Ann’s Hospital

April 16, 2021 | Media News

Professor Ric Simmons, an expert in the area of criminal law and procedure, was recently quoted in an article by ABC6 Columbus titled, “Legal expert shares insight on how body-cam video of St. Ann’s shooting could be reviewed.”

“You are looking at that from the perspective of the officer at the time you can’t use hindsight,” he said. “First, you are going to look to whether the initial seizure or arrest was valid. In this case, he had a warrant out, we don’t worry about the initial arrest. Then, we look to again, is the suspect armed? Did the suspect resist or show non-cooperation? Or their attempt to de-escalation by the police, did they try other options before using deadly force? And also did the suspect discharge his firearm, as it appears he did in this case at the officers. All of those factors you look at.”