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Paul Rose


Professor Paul Rose publishes op-ed in the National Review, cited in Forbes article discussing investment managers

June 7, 2021 | Media News

An expert in the area of corporate finance, Professor Paul Rose has recently been featured in a number of media outlets including and the National Review.

Rose’s research was cited in the Forbes article titled, “Do Investment Managers Care About Their Proxy Votes?”

Rose’s study looked at how the SEC’s rules—which do not fully take effect until the 2022 proxy season—impacted robo-voting, and he found only a modest move away from the practice: Six percent fewer financial institutions appeared to robo-vote, and these institutions hold about 3.6 percent of the assets held by institutions in this population. The total number of robo-voted resolutions fell slightly as well.”

Rose also published an op-ed in the National Review titled, “How Financial Institutions Disenfranchise Everyday Investors.

“So as some activists monitor proxy votes to see whether institutional investors support their social agendas, I’ll be watching to see how many funds continue to outsource their votes to proxy advisers,” he wrote. “I’ll also see how they change their disclosures, if at all, in light of the SEC rule that will be in force next year. Hopefully, the commission’s new rule will reorient voting behavior to the benefit of “Main Street” individual investors.”