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Edward Foley


Professor Ned Foley quoted in New York Times article discussing Mitt Romney’s place with Republican Party

February 11, 2020 | Media News

Professor Ned Foley was recently quoted in a New York Times article titled, “Mitt Romney Is a ‘Judas’ to Many Republicans. But Not in Utah.

In the piece, Foley discussed a recall bill that has been promoted by national conservative activists that advocates for the recall of a sitting U.S. senator. Foley said the bill would likely be ruled unconstitutional if it ever reached the courts.

“My strong impression,” Foley said, “is that this kind of recall would be clearly unconstitutional. After all, the Constitution itself specifies six-year terms for senators, and has no mechanism — other than expulsion by the Senate itself — for a state to end a U.S. senator’s service before the six years are up.”