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Edward Foley


Professor Ned Foley featured in New York Times discussing election concerns created by COVID-19

April 8, 2020 | Media News

Professor Ned Foley was recently featured in a New York Times article titled, “Rulings on Wisconsin Election Raise Questions About Judicial Partisanship.”

“Election cases, more than any other kind, need courts to be seen by the public as nonpartisan referees of the competing candidates and political parties,” Foley said. “It is therefore extremely regrettable that on the very same day, on separate issues involving the same Wisconsin election, both the state and federal supreme courts were unable to escape split votes that seem just as politically divided as the litigants appearing before them.”

Foley, an expert on election law, has been prominently featured in multiple media outlets discussing how the November election will be impacted by COVID-19. For a full collection of media hits from Moritz faculty discussing COVID-19, make sure to click the COVID-19 tag.