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Edward Foley


Professor Ned Foley featured in New York Times article discussing President Trump and the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 election

May 26, 2020 | Media News

Professor Ned Foley was recently featured in an article by The New York Times titled, “Trump sows doubt on voting. It keeps some people up at night.”

In the article, Foley expressed his own concern for the 2020 election, and said he is worried that the results could be contested for months after the final polls close. The Times cites the 1876 election, one that was so disputed that the sitting president, Ulysses S. Grant, had been making plans to declare martial law in the event that simultaneous inaugurations were held.

“We’re setting ourselves up for an election where neither side can concede defeat,” Foley said. “That suggests that the desire to dispute the outcome is going to be higher than ever.”

An expert in election law and a variety of other areas, Foley’s book, “Presidential Elections and Majority Rule,” was published in January.