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Professor Marc Spindelman featured in multiple articles concerning COVID-19 and the law

April 27, 2020 | Media News

Professor Marc Spindelman has been featured in multiple university articles concerning the coronavirus.

For Ohio State News, Spindelman was quoted in an article titled, “Examining the past, present and future of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“The social distancing and isolation we’re practicing is a great heroic act of civic friendship,” he said, adding that the arrangement is working because it is voluntary.

Later, Spindelman was interviewed for Ohio State Insights, in an article titled, “From heroes to criminals: Society during COVID-19.”

“Nobody knows all the ways,” he said when discussing how COVID-19 will change the way society operates. “But it has the potential to alter what we think about, need and get from the law.”

“Figuring out what our needs actually are and asking for help in getting them met can itself be a gift that allows another human being in, to meet a need that stands ready to be met,” he added.

Finally, Spindelman was interviewed for a story by The Ohio State University College of Public Health in a piece titled, “COVID-19 is revealing our faults – and virtues.”

The lesson here is what our values are and how we take care of one another. There are, of course, acts of heroism, but what I’ve been struck by in talking with students, colleagues, friends, neighbors and even strangers is all the small ways people are attending to one another in a moment of difficulty,” he said. “These become acts that are imbued with a new form of meaning we might have forgotten about or taken for granted.”