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Professor Efthimios Parasidis co-authors op-ed discussing emergency COVID-19 vaccine distribution

February 17, 2021 | Media News

An expert in the area of health law, Professor Efthimios Parasidis recently co-authored an op-ed for titled, “Assessing The Legality Of Mandates For Vaccines Authorized Via An Emergency Use Authorization.”

“More specific to Covid-19 vaccines is the issue that the hyper-politicization of public health and persistent undue influence from the Trump White House has resulted in record numbers of vaccine-hesitant Americans, particularly among the poor and people of color. In such an environment, a vaccine mandate is likely to exacerbate public concerns, particularly as questions remain about any Covid-19 vaccine-injury compensation programs for unexpected adverse effects.

“Although EUAs for Covid-19 vaccines may help society overcome the wrath of the pandemic, mandates for such vaccines are unlikely to pass legal muster.”