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Edward Foley


Professor Edward Foley publishes op-ed in The Washington Post concerning Amy Coney Barrett and the upcoming election

October 28, 2020 | Media News

In addition to his duties as a Professor at the Moritz College of Law, Edward Foley is a contributing columnist for The Washington Post ahead of the 2020 election.

Foley recently penned an op-ed for the Post titled, “What kind of conservative will Amy Coney Barrett be? The election could depend on it.”

“Let ballots be cast and counted, at least this year, according to the status quo established by state governments, without five or more justices attempting to impose a new national standard at the last minute,” he wrote. “Those would, in all likelihood, be justices nominated by a Republican president helping out a Republican president. The court has blundered into this thicket before, in Bush v. Gore, to its lasting discredit.”