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Edward Foley


Professor Edward Foley co-authors op-ed in The Atlantic concerning the state of American Election Law

September 9, 2020 | Media News

Professor Edward Foley, an expert in election law, recently co-authored an op-ed in The Atlantic titled, “The Terrifying Inadequacy of American Election Law.”

Written alongside Larry Diamond, Senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, the two discuss their concerns about the state of American Election Law as we inch closer to the 2020 Presidential Election.

“We support the idea of a bipartisan commission to help guide the resolution of a dispute if the joint session of Congress becomes deadlocked during the two weeks between January 6 and 20,” they wrote. “The bipartisan commission could emerge from civil society or be a creation of Congress. But its membership would need to be persuasive to a divided Congress in need of guidance, which would be much more likely if it were appointed by Congress. Moreover, if congressional Republican and Democratic leaders could agree on the structure and composition of such a commission—even if its writ were purely advisory—that agreement could ease the intense atmosphere of anxiety and animosity that suffuses the election.”