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Professor Edward Foley, Associate Professor Dakota Rudesill quoted in The Atlantic article concerning Presidential Election

November 3, 2020 | Media News

Professor Edward Foley and Associate Professor Dakota Rudesill were both recently quoted in an article by The Atlantic titled, “How Trump Could Attempt a Coup.”

“Troops are permitted if ‘necessary to repel armed enemies of the United States.’ An aggressive interpretation of that phrase, according to Rudesill, might describe “agents of antifa” in those terms. “That would be a stretch, but we’ve seen a lot of stretches” from Trump, Rudesill added. If troops took possession of ballots, “obviously what we’re talking about are profoundly severe, extreme, shocking developments that would be just massive norm violations and the sort of thing you see in authoritarian states like Russia that have the forms and processes but are not democracies anymore.”

Added Foley: “In recent voting litigation, according to Edward B. Foley, a constitutional-law professor at Ohio State, the Trump administration is “taking the position that it’s a denial of voting rights to have fake ballots dilute real ballots,” which means “they have a legal theory for thinking that [state elections fall under] federal jurisdiction.”