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Joshua Dressler

Can the president be prosecuted? Vox asked 16 legal experts

Professor emeritus Joshua Dressler was recently quoted in a Vox article that featured multiple legal experts discussing whether or not President Trump can be prosecuted. 

“The answer to the question is and will remain unknown unless and until the DOJ interpretation of the Constitution (namely, that a sitting president cannot be indicted) is tested in the courts.”

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Ric Simmons

Mueller says charging Trump would’ve been unconstitutional. These scholars beg to differ

Professor Ric Simmons was recently quoted in a Vice News article titled, “Mueller says charging Trump would’ve been unconstitutional. These scholars beg to differ.”

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says directly that a president can’t be indicted. I think Mueller’s hands were tied. But there’s another question: Is the memo correct? I think it’s not.”

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Christopher Walker

Census plaintiffs alert Supreme Court to 11th hour new evidence

Professor Christopher Walker was quoted in a recent article on titled, “Census plaintiffs alert Supreme Court to 11th hour new evidence.” 

“At the end of the day, they’re reviewing an administrative record and don’t usually look outside the record. A lot of the argument seems to be hinging around what’s not in the record and this may be additional fuel for this.”

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What if the 2020 election is disputed?

Professor Edward Foley co-authored an article in The Hill titled, “What if 2020 election is disputed?”

“Congress, being ever more partisan, stands institutionally incapable of resolving an election contest in a way that supporters of the losing party will view as legitimate.”

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Peter Shane

Government A-OK: Ohio’s system of checks and balances avoids many federal pitfalls

“The public has much less tolerance for political grandstanding and much greater insistence on problem solving at the state level,” Shane said. 

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Daniel Tokaji

National abortion controversy centers on Ohio

“For abortion opponents, the calculation that the costs of the strategy they’re pursuing right now are pretty low,” Tokaji said. “They may well be right about that.”

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Douglas Berman

Trump Adviser Kushner Joins Democratic Candidates in Calls for Justice Reform

 “Given that then-VP Joe Biden appeared in the last volume, I would have liked to now see an essay by current VP Mike Pence on these topics,” Berman writes. 

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Peter Shane

In clash with Congress, weak legal case may still help Trump

“Why should this misleading argument be any different from any other misleading argument?” Shane said.

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Cinnamon Carlarne

How some Ohio farmers are trying to cut their carbon footprint

“Historically, (agriculture) is one of the most significant contributors of … conventional pollutants to waterway systems, but now (also) greenhouse gases from a climate-change perspective,” Carlarne said.

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Ari Glogower

New York Bill May Give Access to Trump’s Tax Returns—And Open Door to Target Others

“Tax privacy is an important norm to reinforce,” Glogower said. “It needs to be balanced with Congress’s need to do its job.”

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Douglas Berman

Social Equity Becomes Key Question in Pot Legalization

“We’re at the stage of marijuana reform 2.0,” Berman said.

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photo of Marc Spindelman

Ohio Attorney General prepared to ‘vigorously’ defend new abortion law

“Ultimately the question’s going to be whether the Supreme Court takes a look at its earlier decisions and modifies them in any way that will create breathing room for a law like the heartbeat bill,” Spindelman said.

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