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Assistant Professor Courtlyn Roser-Jones offers advice for talking politics in the workplace

Assistant Professor Courtlyn Roser-Jones was recently interviewed by in an article titled, Talk politics at work with caution: Tips to avoid pitfalls. Roser-Jones, who joined the faculty at Moritz in 2018, said that bringing up politics in the workplace should […]

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Douglas Berman

Professor Douglas Berman quoted in Law360 article discussing U.S. Supreme Court Justices focusing on career offenders

An expert on criminal law and procedure, Professor Douglas A. Berman was recently quoted in an article by Law360 titled, “In Dissent: Why 2 Justices Keep Spotlighting Career Offenders.” “As a justice, you might be trying to figure out, is […]

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Professor Daniel Tokaji believes voter registration amendment could boost turnout

An expert on election law, Professor Daniel Tokaji was recently interviewed by WOSU for an article titled, “Ohio Professor Believes Voter Registration Amendment Could Boost Turnout.” Tokaji, the Charles W. Ebersold and Florence Whitcomb Ebersold Professor of Constitutional Law at Moritz […]

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Cinnamon Carlarne

Professor Cinnamon Carlarne quoted in Columbus Dispatch article concerning pollution of Ohio streams

Professor Cinnamon Carlarne, a leading expert in environmental law, was recently interviewed by the Columbus Dispatch for an article titled, “Trump rule change will remove industry red tape but pollute more Ohio stream miles.” “In Ohio, because of all the […]

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Dakota Rudesill

Assistant Professor Dakota Rudesill discusses tensions between U.S. and Iran

Assistant Professor Dakota Rudesill was recently interviewed by 790 KFGO to discuss the recent tensions between the United States and Iran. Rudesill is an expert in national security and before joining the faculty at Moritz in 2013, he was a […]

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Micah Berman

Associate Professor Micah Berman quoted in New York Times story discussing the legal age for tobacco sales

Associate Professor Micah Berman was recently quoted in a New York Times article titled, “Congress Approves Raising Age to 21 for E-Cigarette and Tobacco Sales.” Berman, an expert on public health and law, said even with Congress raising the age […]

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Edward Foley

Professor Edward Foley writes op-ed for Politico on President Trump’s Impeachment

Professor Edward Foley recently published an op-ed for Politico titled, “Here’s One Surprising Way Congress Could Avoid an Impeachment Disaster.” Foley, the Director of the Election Law Program, said there is one way for President Donald Trump to be impeached […]

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Edward Foley

Professor Edward Foley publishes op-ed for CNN

Professor Edward Foley recently published an op-ed for CNN titled, “A different billionaire may decide who wins next November.” “Michael Bloomberg’s entry into the presidential race should alert us to the fact that our elections are susceptible to interference from […]

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mike dewine

Columbus Dispatch praises Ohio’s Expedited Pardon Project, Moritz College of Law

In a recent editorial, the Columbus Dispatch praised Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s new Expedited Pardon Project, which will operate in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Ohio State and the University of Akron. The project will simplify the […]

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Witness list revealed in Husel murder case

Professor Ric Simmons was recently interviewed by the local NBC4 station after it was revealed that 25 people were on the witness list in the Dr. William Husel murder case. Husel, who formerly worked for the Mount Carmel Health System, […]

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Bioethics experts call on GoFundMe to ban unproven medical treatments

Assistant Professor Patricia Zettler was recently quoted in an article by The Verge titled, “Bioethics experts call on GoFundMe to ban unproven medical treatments.” “Harvard Law professor I. Glenn Cohen, suggests steps GoFundMe may take to upend its “ethical problem.” […]

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Peter Shane

Professor Peter Shane publishes op-ed in The Atlantic

Professor Peter Shane has published an op-ed in The Atlantic titled, “The Obscure—But Crucial—Rules the Trump Administration Has Sought to Corrupt.” “A Senate committee has an opening this week to shed light on what is going on at OIRA under […]

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