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Associate Professor Micah Berman quoted in Dayton Daily News, Ohio Capital Journal discussing COVID-19 vaccines and regulations

May 17, 2021 | Media News

An expert in the area of health law, Associate Professor Micah Berman was recently quoted in a pair of articles discussing COVID-19 vaccines and rules and regulations surrounding them.

First, Berman was quoted in a Dayton Daily News article titled, “Businesses, schools, hospitals weighing decisions on upcoming mask rules rollback.”

“SB 22 severely limits the government’s authority to respond to public health emergencies, and there are serious questions about the law’s constitutionality. It would be better to have clear answers to those questions before we face the next public health emergency,” Berman said discussing the Senate Bill.

In another article by the Ohio Capital Journal titled, “Vax-A-Million seen as unorthodox, but legal way to promote vaccines in Ohio,” Berman gave his educated opinion on the “Vax-A-Million” campaign instituted by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine that will pay out $5 million to random eligible Ohio residents who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Berman, said he has no major objection to the drawings but believes “it can’t be all that the government does.”

Besides general vaccine hesitancy, Berman noted there remain other accessibility hurdles such as a person who cannot afford to miss time from work to deal with expected side effects.

“The vaccine lottery doesn’t do anything to address those structural obstacles,” Berman argued.