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Associate Professor Amna Akbar co-authors op-ed in discussing Ma’Khia Bryant killing

April 29, 2021 | Media News

An expert in the area of criminal law, Associate Professor Amna Akbar recently co-authored an op-ed for titled, “We Are Fighting for a World Where Ma’Khia Bryant Would Have Lived.”

“Ma’Khia Bryant isn’t a mythical, perfect victim, nor does she need to be for us to unequivocally affirm that her death was unnecessary. She’s someone who forces us to contend with our values and challenge our continued investment in a system of policing that sees killing a Black girl with a knife as the only reasonable and effective response. The question we need to ask is not whether Reardon had the legal right to kill her, but rather: Didn’t Ma’Khia and the other people involved in the altercation deserve to live?”