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Assistant Professor Courtlyn Roser-Jones offers advice for talking politics in the workplace

February 4, 2020 | Media News

Assistant Professor Courtlyn Roser-Jones was recently interviewed by in an article titled, Talk politics at work with caution: Tips to avoid pitfalls.

Roser-Jones, who joined the faculty at Moritz in 2018, said that bringing up politics in the workplace should be avoided if possible in order to avoid any potential legal action.

“If you’re repeatedly saying that you really support Trump’s Build the Wall campaign, a reasonable person could say that a person of Hispanic origin might find that a hostile work environment,” she said. “This could put an employer on the hook for legal liability.”

She also told that the First Amendment doesn’t necessarily provide the protection the average citizen thinks it does.

“The First Amendment protects you from government interference with your political beliefs,” Roser-Jones said. “But not necessarily from your private employer, who can indeed sanction you for your political speech.”