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Micah Berman


Professor Micah Berman receives award from the National Cancer Institute

June 2, 2016 | Faculty

Professor Micah Berman was named the recipient of a K07 career development award from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for his project “Designing a Comprehensive Framework for the Evaluation of Tobacco Products.”

The award, valued at $820,000, will go toward training in public health sciences, risk assessment, and statistical analysis from The Ohio State University and Johns Hopkins University over the next five years. Berman plans to use that training and knowledge to advance the science of tobacco regulation and help reduce the incidence of tobacco-related cancer.

“In 2009, Congress granted the FDA the authority to regulate tobacco products, including the ability to conduct pre-market reviews of new products, evaluate health-related claims made by manufacturers and set standards related to a product’s composition or characteristics,” Berman told Ohio State’s College of Public Health, where he holds a joint appointment. “These new regulatory tools represent a tremendous opportunity to reduce tobacco-related death and disease. In implementing this new authority, the FDA must be able to synthesize information from a wide range of scientific disciplines—from toxicology to epidemiology—and make informed predictions about the likely effects of regulatory judgments.”

The results from this project will be used to develop an R01 application that will apply the framework from this project to additional case studies including the regulation of electronic cigarettes and other new and emerging tobacco products.

“This project has direct relevance to the mission of the National Cancer Institute. It will help further the development of new and legally sound approaches to preventing cancer caused by tobacco use or exposure,” said Berman.