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John Quigley


Professor John Quigley provides context to ongoing Palestinian conflict at UN Security Council

July 31, 2019 | Faculty

As one of the more experienced and knowledgeable people in the area of international law, it should come as no surprise that Professor John Quigley was recently invited to speak at the United Nations Security Council in New York on the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Quigley, who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1966, joined the faculty at Moritz in 1969 and said in preparing for such a speech, he wanted to present a side of the discussion that has not been offered.

“They asked me to talk about the legality of the Israel settlements. That is a subject that has been on the international agenda for a long time,” he said. “It is not a new issue and people there are not unaware of the legalities. It was a matter of figuring out what was most important for them to hear.”

You can watch Professor Quigley’s appearance at the UN Security Council from May 9 here.