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Edward Foley


Professor Edward Foley signs with NBC as an election law analyst

September 24, 2020 | Faculty

A longtime expert in the area of election law, Professor Edward Foley has been featured across multiple platforms over the years to offer his insight on upcoming elections.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 president election figures to be one of the most contested elections in our nation’s history. Professor Foley has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post and many other outlets to discuss the upcoming election and has recently signed on with NBC to serve as an election law analyst.

Professor Foley’s primary obligation and focus remains his work at Moritz and his time with NBC will run from Oct. 1 through Jan. 20, 2021. He will also continue is podcast, “Free and Fair with Franita and Foley,” which is available on SoundCloud, Stitcher and Apple Podcasts.