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Moritz Hires New Librarians, Updates Library

November 4, 2010 | Faculty

This fall, we welcomed the addition of two new reference librarians to the staff of the Michael E. Moritz Law Library: Matt Cooper, a 2001 Moritz graduate, and Stephanie Ziegler, a graduate of the Indiana University-Bloomington School of Law. Both Matt and Stephanie will join their colleagues in the long tradition of law librarian engagement in research support and teaching at Moritz.

In light of the natural wear-and-tear on the furniture in the library, and the age of the library’s space (between 18 and 50-plus years old) we began a targeted program of renovation and refurbishing three years ago. In 2008, we refurnished the Reserve Room with new chairs, some tables, new wood shelving for popular fiction, DVDs and new titles, and a new stand for the online catalog monitor. We also replaced all of the chairs at the tables and carrels on the main floor of the library. In 2009 we started a long overdue renovation of the Reading Room by replacing the original ceiling and lighting. This past summer, we replaced the Reading Room clerestory windows. Not only do the new windows look better than the old ones (which were the last of the original windows in the older part of the building), they are also much more energy efficient. In addition, the window glass is specially formulated to filter out ultra-violet light, which can damage the books shelved in the reading room. Finally, we have removed the card catalog and furnished that area with new, comfortable seating. For years, the card catalog had been rarely used, and with the completion of our project to add all of the library’s bibliographic records to the online catalog, the reason for keeping it vanished altogether. The removal of the card catalog (and the very large piece of furniture surrounding it), gives the main floor of the library a more open look and enhances it as a place for our students to work.

There is one other building project worth mentioning. Since Drinko Hall opened in 1956, generations of law students, faculty, and staff have lived with a heating and cooling system that is temperamental at best. Over the past several months, most of the major working parts of the HVAC system have been replaced. When this very thorough overhaul is complete, we will have an HVAC system which will be much more energy efficient, will save the university significant maintenance costs, and most importantly, will us comfortable working temperatures throughout the year.


Bruce S. Johnson, Associate Dean for Information Services
Thomas J. and Mary E. Heck and Leo H. Faust Memorial Designated Professor of Law