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Micah Berman


Berman co-authors white paper that recommends raising tobacco sales age

March 6, 2015 | Faculty

Assistant Professor of Public Health and Law Micah Berman is making headlines after co-authoring a white paper that recommends raising the minimum age to buy cigarettes in Ohio to 21. The paper, published by Ohio State’s College of Public Health, with Rob Crane, clinical associate professor of family medicine, and Natalie Hemmerich, an attorney and postdoctoral fellow in public health, states that raising the tobacco sales age would save lives by preventing adolescents from ever taking up smoking.

“The key point is that if people get through adolescence without smoking, it is highly unlikely they will ever start,” Berman said in an Ohio State University news release. “The flip side of that is if they do start smoking in adolescence, everything we have learned about teen brain development shows that it will be much harder for them to quit later.”

Read the full news release.