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March 2019

I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society - 2019 Symposium Mar. 22, 2019 Saxbe Auditorium
App Prac IV Mar. 25, 2019 Drinko 244
Hooding Fair Mar. 25, 2019 Student Commons
Legislation Clinic Information Session Mar. 25, 2019 Drinko 250
Christian Legal Society Bible Study Mar. 26, 2019 Drinko 351
*Real World : Diversity and Inclusion in the Work Place Mar. 26, 2019 Drinko 352
Dispute Resolution Program Information Session Mar. 26, 2019 Drinko 246
Alliance for Shaping Policy and Emerging Technology Mar. 27, 2019 Drinko 244
From Genocide to Refuge: the Rwandan Genocide and US Refugee Resettlement Mar. 27, 2019 Saxbe Auditorium
Patent Law Mar. 27, 2019 Drinko 252
A Discussion on Ohio's Heartbeat Bill Mar. 27, 2019 Drinko 250
Vorys General Counsel Series, with Parris Coleman, Senior Counsel, The Andersons Mar. 27, 2019
God Sleeps in Rwanda: documentary screening Mar. 27, 2019 Saxbe Auditorium
Wrongful Conviction: Presentation and Documentary Mar. 27, 2019 Drinko 251
Board Fellows Q&A Lunch with Alumnus Rob Briggs Mar. 28, 2019 PSLC
Out in the Workplace Mar. 28, 2019 Drinko 250
Library Welcome Lunch for Incoming Journal Editors in Chief Mar. 28, 2019

April 2019

Sports Attorney Panel - SELA Apr. 1, 2019 Drinko 251
Fall OCI/NLSC Information Session Apr. 1, 2019 Saxbe Auditorium
1L Registration Information Session Apr. 1, 2019 Saxbe Auditorium
Religious Liberty and Public Life Apr. 2, 2019 Saxbe Auditorium
Women in Business Law: Discussing Ethics, with Litigator Rasheeda Khan Apr. 2, 2019 Drinko 245
1L Registration Information Session Apr. 2, 2019 Saxbe Auditorium
Faculty Workshop with Stephanie Hoffer Apr. 3, 2019 Voyrs Faculty Lounge
1L Registration Information Session Apr. 3, 2019 Saxbe Auditorium
Faculty Meeting Apr. 4, 2019 Voyrs Faculty Lounge
*Communications Apr. 4, 2019 Drinko 252
Transactional Law in Practice Apr. 4, 2019 Drinko 246
Fall OCI/NLSC Information Session Apr. 4, 2019 Drinko 246
Identity in the Legal Profession Apr. 8, 2019 Drinko 252
Mental Health and Wellness Discussion Apr. 9, 2019 Drinko 250
Dual Degree Interest Meeting (Fisher MBA) Apr. 9, 2019 Drinko 245
Cornell/Moritz Arbitration Apr. 9, 2019 Drinko 251
It's Time to Start Thinking About the Bar Exam- 1Ls Apr. 10, 2019 Drinko 348
Women in Business Law Panel Apr. 10, 2019
Chris Walker Faculty Workshop Apr. 11, 2019 Vorys Faculty Lounge
Cannabis Trademarks: How Do You Protect a Trademark When Your Business is Federally Illegal? Apr. 11, 2019 Drinko 348
Bridging the Gap Networking Event Apr. 11, 2019 Wolf's Ridge Brewing - 215 N. 4th Street
Meeting w/Business Associations Students (Rose) Apr. 15, 2019 PSLC 136
Seminar on Ohio Abortion Laws Apr. 16, 2019 Drinko 245
Teaching Innovation Group Brown Bag Apr. 17, 2019 Vorys Faculty Lounge
MCGB Meeting Apr. 17, 2019 Drinko 251
Faculty Workshop with Angelica Chazaro Apr. 18, 2019 Voyrs Faculty Lounge
Dr. David Hyman Discusses Overcharged: Why Americans Pay Too Much for Healthcare Apr. 18, 2019 Drinko 352

May 2019

Faculty Meeting May. 2, 2019 Voyrs Faculty Lounge
�And then they came for us� Screening and Panel Discussion May. 9, 2019 Drinko 344
Hooding Reception May. 10, 2019 Lou's Cafe


More Events

Event News

Moritz hosts Ferguson discussion

A standing-room only discussion on recent events in Ferguson, MO featured Moritz professors Joshua Dressler, Amna Akbar, Ric Simmons, and Sharon Davies. They discussed the legal standard for self-defense, the history of race-related protests, the structure of grand juries, and unconscious bias in American society.

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Panel Discussion on the “The Ferguson Case” in the Aftermath of the Grand Jury’s Decision

Professors Amna Akbar, Sharon Davies, Joshua Dressler, and Ric Simmons will sit down for a panel discussion on Dec. 2 on the grand jury decision in the Ferguson, Mo. case of a white police officer shooting an unarmed black 18-year-old earlier this year.

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Professor Mark Godsey ’93 to Speak on the Ohio Innocence Project

Mark Godsey ’93 of the Ohio Innocence Project along with two exonerees of the program, one of whom is from Columbus, will present a discussion about the project on Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 12:10 p.m. in Saxbe Auditorium, followed by […]

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Speaker Series Keynote: Chief Judge Jamie Baker

James E. Baker, in his final year as Chief Judge of the nation’s highest military court, will visit The Ohio State University on Nov. 14 to reflect on the importance of ethical courage and leadership for all professionals.

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