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College mourns loss of clinic staff member

May 8, 2017 | Events

The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law community will gather on Thursday, May 18, to remember Lynda Seelie—office manager of clinical programs at Moritz—who passed away on Tuesday, May 2. She was 55. Seelie is survived by her father, John, and was predeceased by her mother, Betty. She is also survived by her three older siblings, Denise Miller, Ken Seelie, and Bruce Seelie, and by many nieces and nephews as well.

Those who knew Seelie loved her for her authenticity, honesty, and deep sense of caring. In the more than a decade that she served in clinical programs of the College, her school spirit never wavered. She strove to make students’ days a little brighter, whether by bringing one of her beloved dogs to the bar exam to keep morale high, or as a faithful audience member and assistant in the Saxbe Auditorium for presentations by students, alumni, and guests. She was vocal about how much she treasured her Moritz community, as well as her love of helping and encouraging students.

“Lynda took the greatest pride in her work here at Moritz, and her devotion to the hundreds of students who passed through our clinics on her watch was fully reciprocated,” said Alan C. Michaels, dean and Edwin M. Cooperman Chair in Law. “She had a special way of calming their fears when they confronted the reality of representing actual clients for the first time—and she did it with her trademark no-nonsense, down-to-earth attitude. She will be deeply missed.”

Seelie was a passionate and dedicated animal rights advocate who cherished dogs, especially rescued ones. As per her wishes, donations can be made in her name to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue in Alpharetta, Georgia, or to the Stray Animal Adoption Program in Newport, Kentucky. Seelie rescued dogs from both organizations.

A champion for veterans, Seelie also made it her mission to help fundraise trip expenses so her father, John, a Pearl Harbor and WWII veteran, could commemorate the anniversary of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. (John has visited Hawaii every five years since the event’s 50th anniversary.) Last December, Seelie proudly accompanied her father to honor the 75th anniversary of the military attack.

A celebration of Seelie’s life and memory will be held at 4 p.m. in Lou’s Café. Attendees are encouraged to bring baked goods as a tribute to her love of baking for others, and if inclined, a dog treat or toy for her dogs, Bailey and Sage. (Rest assured they have found a new home with a former member of the Moritz community and are in good hands.) Any extra treats or toys will be donated to a local animal shelter.


Cybele Smith

Rest in peace, Lynda Seelie. Anyone who was in clinic or knew Lynda knows how much she loved her family and the Moritz family. She did everything she could every day to add value for students and she always made my life easier. She was the most authentic person in the building and often you’d find us in Saxbe supporting student and alumni programs and panels. Sometimes Lynda, Malako and I were the only staff in the audience. She routinely baked amazing desserts for others even when she was dieting and ate none herself. She loved her friends and her pets more than anything. If you ever drank a beer with her, you know she spoke the truth and was extremely fun and caring. SBA thanksgiving lunches were one of her favorite annual events. She’d always email me to remind me to wait in line early with her. She brought her own salt and butter to share. God, I’m going to miss her. I bet so many of you will have fond memories as well.

Allyson Hennelly

RIP Lynda!!  You and the wonderful energy you brought to Moritz will be missed dearly!!

Megan Robinson ’07

Lynda was a wonderful presence in the clinic.  I can’t imagine it was easy working with a bunch of upstart law students, but she was always cheerful and helpful.  And she still remembered us, years after graduation.  Rest in peace, Lynda.

Professor Stephanie Hoffer

Lynda, thank you for being so genuine.  I will miss your refreshing honesty, your friendly presence, and your unrestrained enthusiasm.

Latonga Croomes

RIH fellow Moritzer! You will be missed!

Professor Josh Stulberg

I had the privilege of team-teaching the Civil Litigation clinic with Professor Elizabeth Cooke during the three-year period of 2009-11.   That intensive, rewarding assignment provided me a special opportunity to come to know, interact and observe Lynda as she met and addressed the office’s daily challenges, from the routine to the unpredictable – and to come to value and cherish what a special person she was: how unfailingly dedicated she was to serving clients with decency and respect; how steadfastly supportive she was of every clinical student through both their professional and personal “highs and lows,” always there with a sustained smile, a wink, and the wonderful sound of her somewhat raspy voice assuring each one that the world would look better in 24 hours; the kind, consistent and frequently unsolicited warmth, often communicated with just a quiet smile,  that she extended to her professional colleagues; and her ever-present delight in providing any of us who walked through the office suite with frosting-covered “sweets” that she had baked with affection so that we could consume with joy.  She will not only be missed – but also long remembered.

Michael Wilt ’07

Lynda will be missed. I appreciated her help and kindness when I was in two different clinics at the law school. I’ll miss seeing her Facebook expressions of her love for her dogs, the Browns, and her community. RIP Lynda and condolences to her family.

Valerie Kunze ’10

It’s hard to imagine the clinics without Lynda. She greeted each person who entered the clinic suite with a sincere unspoken message: “I’m so glad you’re here.” Thank you, Lynda, for sharing your spirit with all of us. We were so lucky.

Stephanie Fitos ’12

Lynda, your passion for animals, the Moritz community, and your family (particularly your father), was second to none. It was a privilege to know you. Thank you for your delicious baked goods, your kind smile, and your warmth. You will be truly missed.

Professor Deborah Merritt

Lynda’s warmth, good humor, and enthusiasm cheered all of us every day. She also faced the overwhelming challenge of her illness with a grace I will always remember and admire. Even while seriously ill, Lynda worried most about other people. We will keep your spirit in our hearts, Lynda.

Stephanie Klupinski ’10

Lynda represented the best of Moritz. She treated everyone with the same kindness, care, and respect. I can’t imagine the clinic suite without her. I loved her Facebook posts, especially about her recent trip to Hawaii with her father and her undying love for the Cleveland Browns. She had a huge heart and a huge impact on the many students who were lucky to know her.

Laura Dean

RIH Lynda. You’ll be missed my so many!

Kelsey Kornblut ’18

Lynda was such a great help to the Grassbaugh Veterans Project. We will miss you dearly.

Baldeo Phalgoo ’10

I will remember Lynda fondly. Calming my nerves in the clinic before my first big client meeting, Lynda always had a smile on her face. She would get on our case to make sure we met our deadlines but then comfort us with all sorts of baked goodies. Her stories and humor brought joy to all of us. We would talk of her trips to Florida and of her dad’s return trips to Pearl Harbor. I remember after graduation she mailed me photos all the way in Florida. She had a big heart and a welcoming personality. You will be missed, Lynda.

Malako Hampton

Lynda’s presence among the Moritz family was a blessing to desire. RIH Lynda and thank you for everything!  You will certainly be missed_Love you!

Allison Tuesday ’12

I am so sorry to hear about Lynda’s passing. I was in the juvenile law clinic spring of 2012. Lynda was always so cheerful and helpful. We talked about our dogs over the delicious treats she brought in. She even showed up to the bar exam with her dog, Honey! She was always so supportive of the law students and so full of life. She will be missed!

Brian Smith ’08

I would see Lynda all the time when I was in the clinical programs at Moritz. She was always a pleasure to be around, and always very kind and helpful to students and staff. We would always talk about the Browns and Lynda was a true fan. Sorry to hear about her passing and I will keep her family in prayer.

Meg Johnson ’02

I had the privilege of getting to know Lynda when we both worked at the Medical Center. She touched many lives, and  she will be missed!

Priya Sonty ’14

Lynda, you always had a smile on your face, a warm greeting, and a delicious baked good ready and waiting to receive me any time I walked toward your desk. Your support and encouragement will be so very missed. Thank you for always providing positive energy throughout the law school!

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