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A Discussion with Legendary Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg

April 14, 2015 | Events

Famed sports agent and real life inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire Leigh Steinberg, founder of Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, spoke at Moritz on April 13, 2015, about his start in the field of sports representation and where the industry is heading.

Steinberg has represented eight number one overall draft picks, 60 first-round draft picks and seven NFL hall-of-famers over the course of his career. He has also represented two Olympic gold medalists as well as many other basketball, baseball, hockey, golf and boxing professionals.

During his presentation, he described his personal philosophy behind the way he treats his clients and their careers, discussed the newest developments and opportunities available to those interested in pursuing a career in sports, and also noted the importance of honesty, respect, and innovation in successful attorney-client relationships.

 “The most important skill in any field is not persuasion, its listening,” he said. “The biggest thing I could ever encourage you to do is study psychology. If you have the ability to put yourself into another person’s heart and mind, and see the world the way they see it, and understand what their values and priorities are, you can navigate yourself through any situation.”

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In 140 characters or less:

“My dad had two core values – treasure relationships…and do good in the community – I saw a way to use those in my law profession”- @leighsteinberg

“The economics of sports has changed dramatically” – @leighsteinberg

“Entrepreneurship opportunities, whether you went to law school or business school, are still huge in this industry” – @leighsteinberg

“The biggest skill you need is not persuasion, it’s listening” – @leighsteinberg

“Some of you will have a crisis of conscious somewhere in your legal career, or your business career, where you start to question what the ultimate product is, what the effect on society is. You may be paid well, but what’s the effect on society of what you’re doing? And I urge you, you can play a different role, you’re work can have value, you can take your ethics out into the community and change the world for the better.” – Leigh Steinberg.