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Oxford Program offers affordable, unique opportunity for Moritz students

January 14, 2020 | College

By: James Grega

For more than 30 years, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law has offered students the opportunity to travel to Oxford, England to participate in a study abroad summer law program.

Each year the program has evolved, and in its 32nd year, Assistant Dean for International and Graduate Affairs Laura Fernández-Álvarez said the Oxford Summer Program at Moritz has plenty to offer students who decide to make the trip. One of the trip’s primary benefits is its affordability.

In total, the Oxford Summer Program is roughly half the cost of a normal six-credit semester, with that price including room, board and the lectures by some of the top law professors in the world. One of the classes offered, Comparative Legal Institutions, satisfies the requirement that every JD student take a course in professional responsibility.

“Students get to experience the European lifestyle and get the class credits,” Fernández-Álvarez said. “It helps them decrease the class load for when they come back. They can get up to six credits.”

This year, the Oxford trip will be offered from June 28-Aug. 2. The program is limited to 30 participants, with the deadline to apply March 1.

Students who enroll in the program are housed in private rooms at St. Anne’s College, which provides full board – three meals a day, seven days a week. The Oxford Summer Program at Moritz is also the most affordable Oxford trip offered by any American Bar Association accredited law school.

For students that are concerned about missing out on externships or job opportunities while abroad, 3L and Editor-in-Chief of the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Sara Sams said not to worry. Sams went on the 2018 trip to Oxford and said that students should take the opportunity to experience everything the trip has to offer.

“Employers were happy that I went and happy that I had that opportunity,” said Sams, who also externed for Judge Algenon L. Marbley for eight weeks before heading to Oxford. “I think it shows that you have a different perspective on the world and that you’re able to go into a different environment and acclimate.”

Sams added that she enjoyed the personal relationships she was able to develop with the professors on the trip. Professor Sarah Cole directed the law program in 2018 and Professor Katrina Lee will direct the law program in 2020.

“When there’s one professor and only 30 students, that gives you a lot of time to make bonds with professors who will then turn around and write you recommendation letters, or know people in your field,” Sams said. “Professor Cole became a great ally when I was looking for jobs. I wouldn’t have met her if I didn’t go through the Oxford Program.”