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New Professional Development Curriculum Program

January 31, 2019 | College

Moritz is pleased to offer a new Professional Development Curriculum Program designed to provide students with a roadmap to their career and skill development.

About The Program
The program is open to all JD students, and when completed successfully, participants will earn a notation on their transcript. Participation in the program demonstrates a student’s intentional efforts to master key workplace skills and position oneself to embrace current trends in the legal employment market. The program focuses on eight employer identified traits, central to new attorney success:

  • Client and team relationship skills
  • Project management: high quality, efficient, and timely work
  • Seeking feedback/responding to feedback
  • Good judgment/common sense/problem solving
  • Integrity/honesty/trustworthiness (including professionalism)
  • Effective written/oral communication skills
  • Analytical skills: Identifying legal issues from facts, applying the law, and drawing conclusions
  • Research skill

The program integrates these traits with the college curriculum to best position participants as they enter the legal marketplace. The program is housed in Symplicity at the “Pathways” tab under “Resources.” Participants will select and complete a specified number of activities from two categories, “Professionalism” and “Managing Your Career.” Many currently offered Moritz programs and classes are among the listed activities, such as Career Development 101 presentations, clinics, and externships. We will add new activities as Moritz programming evolves in response to the needs of the legal profession. Participants are also invited to recommend external activities that fit the goals of the program. We are excited about this new opportunity for strategic professional skill development.

Orientation Sessions
A program overview is attached, and Linda Jones, Senior Director of Career Services is offering orientation sessions to provide details about the program on January 31 at noon in room 244 and February 4th at noon in room 246. There will also be a discussion of the program following the “Build Your Resume with Practical Experience” program on Feb. 5, 2019, Saxbe Auditorium. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Linda Jones,, if you have any questions.