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Moritz Nonprofit Board Fellows Program Applications Reach 100, Seeking Boards

April 29, 2021 | College

We need your help!

Designed to provide students valuable experience in the nonprofit sector while giving organizations the ability to develop and benefit from future talent, the Program  has grown exponentially since its start in 2017. This year, 100 students applied and we are asking for your help in providing opportunities for all of them. If you are on or connected with a board that may be interested in participating, please contact Lori Serpico ( by Friday, June 4.

Helen Sudhoff ’21, Varsity “O”: “I have absolutely loved being a board fellow for Varsity O… in an environment where I am also using my skills as a lawyer and critical thinker.”


Mackenzie Danis ’22, South Side Early Learning: “I have been integrated as a member of the team, and my thoughts and opinions are truly heard and valued. I feel like my actions have made real change.”