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Moritz alum RonNell Andersen Jones featured in The New Yorker

February 12, 2021 | Alumni

Moritz alum and current law professor at the University of Utah, RonNell Andersen Jones (’00), was recently featured in an article by The New Yorker titled, “When Your Law-School Homework Is Stranger Than Fiction.”

“Let me take a second here to acknowledge the enormity of the moment,” she said. “If things feel to you right now like they are not normal, it is because this is categorically, absolutely, unquestionably not a normal time. We are on the twenty-second day of a year that feels like it has been a decade long, and one in which there has not been a single day that has gone by where I haven’t been asked, as a constitutional-law scholar, to comment to the press or to the public on something wholly new and unexpected and alarming.”