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Facing racism and assumptions: Black women, Moritz alums discuss challenges of being ‘only’ ones in the room

December 3, 2020 | Alumni

The Columbus Dispatch recently published a story featuring a number of black women who graduated from the Moritz College of Law. Graduates featured are Angela Frost (’17), Sandra Hicks Cox (’62), Theresa Doss (’64), Martina Ellerbe (’17). The women discuss the struggles – both past and present – of being a Black, female lawyer.

Hicks Cox is the oldest living Black female graduate from Moritz, and the fourth Black female to earn her law degree at Ohio State. Doss, who was born in 1939 along with Hicks Cox, became the chief judge of Detroit’s 36th District Court in 1981 — and the second Black woman to be elected as a judge in the state. She served until 2003.

Titled “Facing racism and assumptions: Black women lawyers still often the ‘only’ one in the room,” the piece also features Ellerbe and Frost who are working to improve the representation of Black women in the area of law.

“Obviously, I’m doing my job to the best of my ability, but also (thinking), what are those intangibles that you bring to the job every day as well?” Frost said. “What legacy am I leaving behind?”

Photos: Courtesy The Columbus Dispatch