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Congratulations to the graduating class of 2016

May 16, 2016 | Alumni

The graduating class of 2016 has officially joined the Moritz College of Law alumni family. The Hooding Ceremony Friday afternoon represented their transition from students to members of the legal profession.

One hundred eighty J.D. students, 31 LL.M. students, and one M.S.L student were honored at this year’s ceremony. Over the course of the last three years, these students completed more than 10,000 hours of pro bono work in communities here and across the nation, and gained crucial experience in courtrooms and offices during their summers and throughout the year through expanded judicial and public service externship programs.

At Hooding, six annual awards were given in recognition of the students’ hard work, leadership, and service to the law school. For his 1L year, Alexander Holtzman ’16 was awarded the Moritz Leadership Award. For her 2L year, Susan Restrepo ’16 was awarded the Moritz Leadership Award. And, for his 3L year, Howard H. Harcha IV ’16 was named the recipient of the Moritz Leadership Award. Restrepo was also the recipient of the Adams Award, which recognizes one student each year for their leadership and significant contributions to Moritz through law-related activities within the College. Meagan Van Brocklin ’16 was awarded this year’s Lett Award, which recognizes outstanding service to the College. Kelly Flanigan ‘16 and Amanda Grandjean ’16 were the recipients of the Dean’s Special Award, which is given to graduating students in honor of their outstanding leadership and contributions to the Moritz College of Law. Nadia Ardner ’16 was named the Robert M. Duncan Service Scholarship Award winner in recognition of outstanding contributions and service to the College. Scott Surovjak ’16 was named the first recipient of the Christopher M. Fairman Award, which is bestowed upon a student who best exemplifies the late Professor Fairman’s acceptance of individual differences and support of free expression as an essential part of a strong and inclusive community.

For others yet, this was a special day not only because of their impressive accomplishments, but for their families who added another Buckeye lawyer to the family. Eleven graduates in the class of 2016 are part of multi-generational alumni families, with parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles attending law school at Ohio State before them. Below are a list of those graduates and their Buckeye alumni family.

  • Scott  Bison ’16 , son of Barbara Bison Jacobson ‘75
  • Thompson Everett Buck ’16, son of Elaine Sayers Buck ’81 and brother of Charlotte (Putnam) Buck Garcia ‘11
  • William D. Gutmann ’16, grandson of Paul Gutmann ‘57
  • Howard H Harcha IV ‘16, grandson of Howard Harcha Jr. ‘51
  • Alex J. Koenig ’16, son of Stanley Koenig ‘85
  • Haley Kathleen Lewis ’16, daughter of Jeffrey M. Lewis ’81 and granddaughter of William Page Lewis ‘37
  • Michelle R. McCarty ’16, granddaughter of Robert L. McCarty ‘50
  • Julianne  Mohr ’16, niece of Kyle Mohr ‘11
  • Christopher Paul Sponseller ’16, nephew of Dan Sponseller ‘81
  • Kevin M. Ticknor ’16, son of Charles E. Ticknor ‘89
  • Katherine Warner Ungar ’16, great granddaughter of Abe Kipperman ‘27