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Alumni help deliver bottled water to Flint, Michigan residents

May 23, 2016 | Alumni

Judges William Henry Crawford, II ’82 and Herman Marable, Jr. ’87 of the 67th District-Fifth (Flint) Division helped Ohio State students deliver water to the residents in Flint, Michigan suffering from the current water crisis.

The two were present to greet and welcome students, faculty, and staff from The Ohio State University College of Social Work when they arrived to deliver a truckload of donated bottled water to Catholic Charities. Students collected donations of money and water  on all Ohio State campuses to assist with the Flint water crisis.

The idea for a student sponsored water drive came from Terrahl Del Taylor, a social work student in the master’s program. “I wanted to do this because I think every single person needs to have clean, healthy water. Every day, I take having clean water to drink and bathe in for granted. When I heard about the water crisis I started to think about how much I rely on water daily and I knew how much it would mean to them to have additional help,” Taylor explained.

“I am so proud and of my alma mater and thankful for these students concern for what is going on here in Flint. They showed up in person; they really exemplify Buckeye excellence,” said Marable.

Some might find it noteworthy that the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry was set aside for the water drive. The significance of Buckeyes helping the Wolverines wasn’t lost on the students either. “I also thought that coming from students at a rival university would help encourage a culture of connectedness,” Taylor said.

In explaining why it was important for the Ohio State alumni judges to be present for the donated water delivery, Marable joked, “U of M is practically across the street from Catholic Charities, somebody had to make sure the Buckeyes got safe passage in and out of town.”