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Tuesday, November 4
New Voter Registration Case in Indiana
As I've said many times this election season, voter registration is the issue of 2008. The latest evidence of this is a complaint and TRO motion brought by Project Vote on behalf ofvoters whose registrations were allegedly rejected because they were on an "old" form (Brown v. Rokita). A first-time voter whose registration was rejected on this ground, Drametra Brown, has sued Indiana's Secretary of State Todd Rokita and other election officials, seeking classwide relief. Brown alleges that the state law requiring the rejection these forms violates the National Voter Registration Act and Voting Rights Act, because the alleged defect in her registration isn't "material" to her eligibility. She further alleges that at least 130 registrations have been rejected on this ground in Marion County alone. This is another case that could become important, if the race in that state winds up being close.

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