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Thursday, August 2
So What's Up With the Blog?
Several people have asked me this question recently, remarking on the sparsity of posts over the past few months. Part of the reason why I've not been actively blogging is fatigue or, put more positively, a need to recharge my batteries in preparation for the uptick in election administration activity that's sure to accompany the 2008 elections. But the main reason for the recent radio silence is that . . . well, to put it bluntly, I've finally gotten a life. On September 8, I'll be getting married to Renuka Mayadev. The developments in my personal life, including wedding preparations, have left me with little time to blog.

I'm very grateful to those of you who've told me, either in email or in person, that they've missed the blog. Your kind words provide me with some affirmation that the hours I've spent tracking election administration and voting rights developments over the past few years have been worthwhile. Though I don't expect to have much time to post over the next few weeks, I plan to resume more regular blogging in the fall, continuing through the 2008 election season.

Thanks for your interest and your patience, and enjoy what remains of the summer.

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