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Thursday, January 12
Who's Dead Last in HAVA Compliance?
According to the Department of Justice, it's the State of New York. The NY Times has this report, which says that DOJ may bring a civil action to compel compliance with the voting system requirements of the Help America Vote Act:
The federal Justice Department has threatened to sue New York State over its failure to modernize its voting system, saying New York "is further behind" every other state in complying with new guidelines stemming from the 2000 presidential election dispute....

New York is behind all other states and territories in deciding how to spend its share of $2.3 billion in federal aid to modernize voting machines and other elections technology. So far the state has received $220 million to replace its 20,000 aging voting machines, train local election officials to use the new machines, and create the voter database. The money is unspent and collecting interest, officials say.
The story further reports that DOJ has authorized a lawsuit against New York, but is hoping to negotiate a settlement first, as it recently did with California.

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