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Tuesday, July 19
Frankin County Election Chief Suspended
The Franklin County Board of Elections has suspended its elections director Matt Damschroder, for forwarding a $10,000 check from a Diebold representative to the Republican party. Damschroder was suspended without pay for 30 days, but not fired. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has this story. He'll continue to work but will be docked approximately $11,000 for his ethical lapse.

As noted in Sunday's post, Damschroder admitted that Paschale Gallina, a consultant working for Diebold, gave him the check which he in turn forwarded to the county Republican Party -- something Damschroder now acknowledges was a mistake. The board's chair William Anthony, a Democrat, says that Damschroder has done a good job for the county and made an error in judgment, but didn't take a bribe.

Still unresolved is whether Gallina also gave $50,000 to Secretary of State Ken Blackwell's "political interests," and (possibly in return) worked out a deal with Blackwell's consultants on the price that Ohio would pay for Diebold voting machines. Blackwell's consultant, Norm Cummings, denies that any such conversations occurred. ES&S is reportedly seeking to take Cummings' deposition in its lawsuit against the Secretary of State.

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