Bar Exam Application

This is the second step in the application process. The first step is to submit the Character & Fitness Application by November 15, 2018.

Bar Exam Application due to the Office of Bar Admissions by April 1st of 3L year.

Access the Bar Exam Application:

Items included in the Bar Exam Application Packet:
  • Examination Application (checklist of items to be submitted)
  • Supplemental Character Questionnaire (see below for tips on how to fill this out)
    • 1 original and 1 copy: print it out, get it notarized, then make a copy.
  • Applicant Affidavit
  • Law School Character Certificate
    • Take to Registrar for signature.
  • Non-Refundable Fees:
    • Bar Exam Fee: Certified check/money order to Supreme Court of Ohio for $330.
    • MPT Fee: certified check/money order to Supreme Court of Ohio for $28.
  • Final Law School Certificate
    • Take to Registrar for signature. Moritz will submit after graduation
  • Substance Abuse Instruction Certificate
    • Only if received instruction through an outside CLE.
    • If received substance abuse instruction through Moritz, Registrar will certify on Final Law School Certificate.
Tips on How to Fill Out the Supplemental Character Questionnaire
  • Include the address where you want the Supreme Court to send your final approval letter and bar exam admission ticket.
  • Update life events, new addresses, jobs (including clinics, internships, externships), moving violations, etc.
  • Provide 3 additional character references.
    • Not related by blood or marriage.
    • Not someone listed on original C&F application.
    • Hint: list law school friends.
Questions? Contact Professor Katherine Kelly