Bar Exam Information

Passing the bar exam is the final step to becoming a lawyer but preparation begins on day one of law school. Bar exam success requires preparation, hard work, and commitment.

If you have questions about the bar exam, please check the Bar Exam Wizard Website, or contact Professor Katherine Kelly, Director of Academic Support:

2019-20 Moritz Bar Exam Workshops:

September 11th
12:10-1:10, Rm 348
2Ls: The Ohio Character & Fitness Process
Tiffany Kline, Assistant Director, Ohio Supreme Court Office of Bar Admissions

October 9th
12:10-1:10, Rm 348
2Ls: Professor Kelly’s Quick & Easy Guide to Filling Out the C&F Questionnaire

Late October, Early November
2Ls: Columbus Police Department Fingerprinting
Bring a valid State ID and $10 (Cash Only)

 January 15th
12:10-1:10, Rm 348
3Ls & LLMs: Introduction to the NY Bar Exam

February 12th
12:10-1:10, Rm 348
3Ls: Filling Out Bar Exam Applications

February 19th
12:10-1:10, Rm 352
2Ls: Preparing for the C&F Interview

March 18th
12:10-1:10, Rm 352
3Ls: Introduction to the UBE

April 8th
12:10-1:10, Rm 348
1Ls: It’s Time to Start Thinking About the Bar Exam

April 16th
6:oo-8:00pm, Rm 348
3Ls: Essay Intensive Workshop

3Ls: MPT Immersion Workshop