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Vlera Rexha

Republic of Kosovo - Class of 2022

Vlera has always been passionate about advocating for others, which is what inspired her to pursue law school. She earned her LLB at the University of Prishtina and took an interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) after attending an arbitration competition in Vienna, Austria. As a Fulbright Scholar, she was given a list of recommended institutions for graduate programs in law. When asked why she chose Moritz, she said, “I knew about Moritz previously and that it would be one of my first choices. I ended up going with Moritz because they have a great ADR program.” Vlera added that Moritz is exceeding her expectations. The professors, opportunities, and student community have all contributed to creating a learning environment conducive to personal and professional growth. She concluded, “There's not much diversity where I come from so that's also one thing, I was looking forward to experiencing. Coming to the U.S. and meeting people from all over the world has been incredible.” Her advice to future students is to capitalize on the resources and opportunities available within the LLM program to expand their professional network and to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of communities besides their own.